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I was in the barn today, brushing the knots out of Des' mane.  He has an exceptionally thick, Sampson-like bunch of hair, and it gets tangled.  I should braid it, but that takes hours, and hours aren't something I have an overage of right now.  I didn't have him tied, he was loose, and I was detangling away, working my fingers through the worst clumps, and it dawned on me that many people wpould think I was nuts for going into a stallion's stall without a second thought to comb out a mane.

Of course, they don't know Des.  He's a good horse that just happens to have all his factory equipment.



Educating Amy 06/01/2009
This ultra-blond beauty is Amy.  The picture of her is from last summer, when she was two, and had just been introduced to her Aunt Midnight's fancy dress hackamore.  Amy has always been a sensitive horse, both by personality and by anatomy. She wasn't certain she liked the sensation of the headstall so close to her eyes. (I'm sorry - the phrase "bosal hanger" is just alien to me - I grew up using hacklamores and no one ever called it a bosal hanger.  It was a headstall...period.)

In the last few weeks I have reconfigured my panels so as to divide the arena into three smaller areas, one being slightly smaller than what I had before.  I wanted a place to work the horses where they could not run out of the longe circle quite so easily as my hands just can't take the pulling anymore. With Sid and Amy to start, it seemed the prudent thing to do.

I've done some preliminary longing with Amy - not much as I don't do a lot of circle work with youngsters, and I am not a round pen addict - it has its place, but I feel it tends to be way over done.  Mostly, Amy and I have been walking around each others - me twoards her rump and she kind of forward.  Today, I decided to add some more forward motion to the equation.

She did really quite well.  I was pleased with her, as Amy tends to be a little dippy at times. OK...sometimes we say she is REALLY blond. I am thinking she is outgrowing this, though, as she is showing some definite signs of maturity.

Desi noted this as seems the object of his desire, (he has adored Amy since she was a baby), was in roaring, teenaged filly heat, and Desi was quite thrilled to see the reaction his deep whinny caused in Miss Thang.

He lives for these things, you see...that and a good brushing.  He's a simply guy, bless his heart.

Anyway, Amy listened, moved well forward to cues, and stopped nicely when told. It was a good day.




Rescue Me 04/18/2009

Horses are in trouble.

No news flash there.

Turn on the news, there is a story about an abandoned horse....or two...or 177....

People try to help, and, indeed, there are happy endings for some animals.  Sometimes the saves are made with the narrowest margin of error.  Sometimes the cause is lost.

It is heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time.

I have been a apart of the Forever Morgan group for some time now, and I really would like to encourage people to check the group out. Sometimes I think it's held together by dental floss and force of will....but some miracles are made of such things.

One thing I've learned - no miracle is possible if no one tries.


I, like the rest of the world, have been enraptured by Susan Boyle, the Scottish lady with the angelic voice. What a lesson she has for the world, on so many layers.

First, never give up.  Second, never judge too quicky.  Third, some roses take forty years to bloom, but they are so worth the wait.

That's the good of the title.

The bad is that, all too often, people allow their lesser natures to dominate their truly good hearts. While some people are just evil, I do beleive most are a mixture of good and evil.  It is up to us to push the good to the front and keep the evil under wraps....Unless someone really deserves a going over.

The rest of it?  You were expecting the ugly to go here, but I am not going to give ugliness a place here. I spent most of the day helping my students find places where they can complete their externships and their degrees. It's a beautiful thing.

We had snow today, and yesterday, and, while I hope the lilacs and roses don't freeze, I won't begrudge the moisture.  I want to have my sunflower fields come summer.

Spring will come....and with it, horse hair and daffodils. We just have to roll with the snow flurries until then....and listen to Susan Boyle, and the lessons she so generously gives.

Peace and courage, all.


The Picture 04/13/2009

I am just figuring this all out...sorry for not li

Grand Falls 04/13/2009

Yesterday was a pretty glorius one, the kind that makes you want to do SOMETHING.

We ended up driving to the Grand Falls.  What?  The gGrand Falls are a wonder in this land of natural wonders.  It is series of waterfalls on the Little Colorado River. In total, they are higher than Niagra Falls.  They are located on the Navajo Reservation, about 30 minutes from Flagstaff, yet many people here in Flag have never heard of them.

This was our second trip this year - the first was six weeks ago when the falls were swollen with run off from the mountains.  It was a huge, thundering spectacle of silt-laden water turned chocolate brown by the native sandstone.

Yesterday, it was much quieter, and we hiked down to the bottom of the canyon. The grass at the bottom had to be the greenest green I had ever seen, and it was wonderful to smell the fragrance of growing grass again, after the long winter.

I'm sending along a photo from yesterday. 

As this is a horse site, I should say something horsey...well, Sid is recovering from last week's gelding, and I promised the herdlet that, now that good weather is back on us, they need to prepare for a return to the ways of being riding horses.

I can't wait!

The horses can't speak, but I suspect if they could, they would not be quite so enthusiastic.

Thanks for reading, those of you who are, and for the feedback.




First Blog 04/12/2009

Have you ever taken a Greyhound bus on a long trip?  I have, and I inevitably get stuck next to someone who wants to spill all their wordly secrets. It's always amazed me how someone would expose the underbelly of their lives to anyone, let alone some stranger on a bus.

Blogging strikes me as a similar thing, at least some blogs do.  This one won't. Well.probably won't, unless I get really hot about something and my normally well-regulated volcanic temper goes thermo-nuclear.

I prefer to remain on the positIve side of karma, which annoys some people.  It's like today.  It is a typical Spring day in Flagstaff: blowing like a sumbitch.  The picture is from a few summers ago, but you get the idea.  That little cottonwood is supposed to be straight. I don't like the wind, but it blows away the horse there is a silver lining.

I don't know if anyone is reading this, but if anyone is, have yourself a good day, and look for the silver lining.  It sounds so Pollyanna-ish to say that, but it does make the hard things in life a little easier to bear.



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