MMR Columbine Kate (Osirus x Rocking M Jolene)

Miss Kate, the first horse to carry my own prefix, lives life large.  She's a big girl, nearly 16 hh, and has a big heart to go along with her big motor. She is very much like her dam in this, and is also a wonderful mother. Kate came into this world in the middle of a blizzard.  Jolene seemed to like having her foals in storms, as MIdnight was born in one, too. Kate was neighing before her hind feet had cleared the birth canal, as if to say, "Watch out, World, I have arrived." She is definitely the queen of the herd, and takes everyone, equine and human, under her wing. She is an amazing horse to ride, with the power you'd expect from a horse with her size and build, and an agility that will catch you off guard if you're not sitting down in your saddle.

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