MMR Amethyst and MMR Obsidian

Our two youngest, Amy and Sid are quite the pair. Amy, the cremello filly, is a year older, and is three this year.  She became Sid's best buddy when he was a week old, and the "Yin and Yang" team have entertained the neighborhood with their antics ever since.  Amy has started her saddle training, and promises to be a wonderful riding horse. 


Sid is a doll, having a disposition that is truly a delight.  With parents such as his, how could he NOT be people-oriented? He is now a gelding, which means that soon he will be reunited with his Amy.


Amy is out of MMR Columbine Kate and by Adiel's Casino Gold. 


Sid is out of Rocking M Stardancer (Midnight), and by MMR Desayado.


I have only produced a handful of horses with my prefix, but am satisfied with them. They have carried forward the bloodlines of their ancestors well.

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