Rocking M Stardancer (Rocking M Vaquero x Rocking M Jolene)

Rocking M Stardancer? No one calls her that.  She is either Midnight or "Stink", a name she earned as a filly who was too smart for her own good.  She is seventeen now, and I have had her ever since she was four months old, when she and her wonderful dam, Rocking M Jolene, brought me into the world of Morgans.  Midnight is the horse I would keep if I could have only one.  She has carried me over mountains, deserts, and the streets of Los Angeles, carrying a flag...truly the most dangerous riding I've ever done.  Along the way, we've raised a couple of sons: hers and mine.

Here she is in all her glory. The best horse I've ever had.


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